A commitment has been made to refurbish certain areas of the men’s locker room, particularly the shower area. This will be completed in time for the Royals, so please bear with us whilst repairs take place as there could be some inconvenience caused during these operations. The upgrade will include new tiling, new taps, basins and mirrors and the vanity slab.

More money will be spent on improving cart paths and walkways, in particularly at the back of Shelly Beach, down the hill from the 8th tee and around the bushes leading from the 10th green to the tee of Punch Bowl. A new path on the right of the bunker at the 15th will also make things less dangerous and keep the area adjacent to the green less travelled.

Your committee has spent a lot of money on new paths, which although benefitting all players, makes carting easier. Please, if a cart user, use these pathways and stay away from vulnerable and sensitive areas around our tee boxes and greens. Our course is here for both young and old, whether quick or slow players. Enough said!

Attention is being directed to improve our bunkers, with the view to standardising the sand and improving their appearance. As this could be considered a major change to the course, a trial bunker will be adapted and further discussions regarding such changes and costs will take place.

The trimming of untidy bush and surrounds has already started with the view to limit the unnecessary delay in searching for golf balls after wayward shots. It might also afford members a better

chance of spotting one of the delightful new members of our resident Bushbuck families.We are also proud  to announce the birth of several Springbok, including a copper youngster.buck