KGB RESULTS W/E: 17th MAY 2019

Tue 14th May: A warm, humid morning for golf attracted 34 players to rise early and be drawn into
seven 4-balls and two 3-balls in the usual 2-to-count Stableford alliance.
Derick van Harmelen, Bob Shaw, Andy Stembridge and Eugene Erasmus carded a winning 84 points on
the course which is playing long due to its softness and recent strong grass growth. Mark Warren, John
Muggeridge and Matt Chadwick were runners up on 77 + 5 = 82 points.
Roger Kidson, Derek Sinclair and Eric Segers’ 63 + 5 = 68 points did not prevent them from taking
custody of the Hamer en Sukkel trophy at the 19th hole.
Paul Fryer holed the only par three birdie of the morning (11th) and Bob Shaw shot the best individual nettscore (70).
Fri 17th May: Once again 34 players were drawn into two 3-balls and seven 4-balls on a mild, sunny and
pleasant morning for golf.
Gavin Richards, Jimmy van Rensburg, Derick van Harmelen and Heather van Harmelen carded a winning
89 points, a good score considering how long the coarse is playing. Nevertheless, runners-up Steve
Kennedy, Barrie Brady, Nick Oosthuizen and Martin Lambrechts were only one point in arrears on 88.
Two covies were only able to card 75 points, namely (1) Mike Beaumont, Heinz Czepluch and Cecil
Grobler and (2) Mark Warren, Sheena Warren, Peter Reed and Andy Stembridge which destined them to
share custody of the Hammer en Sukkel trophy at the 19th hole.
Philip van der Byl and Steve Kennedy both birdied the par three 6th. The best nett scores were shot by

Derick van Harmelen (68), Steve Kennedy (69) and Martin Lambrechts (70).