Tue 31 st July: A warm but windy morning greeted 42 players to be drawn into nine 4-balls and two
3-balls to play a 2-to-count Stableford Alliance.
John Ralph, Andy Manson, Martin Weaver and John Dell carded 93 points to win the morning’s
proceedings. Bryan Robinson, Peter Longhurst and Arnie Schultz carded 84 + 5 = 89 points to
scoop second place.
Way behind on a measly 75 points trailed Peter Reed, Colin Armstrong, Russell Warren and Martin
Lambrechts condemning them to sharing the 19 th hole with the infamous Hamer en Sukkel trophy.
Par three 2-clubs were holed by Nick Oosthuizen (8 th ), John Ralph and Guy Cash (11 th ).
The best nett scores were shot by Arnie Schultz (66), Richard Farndell (67), John Dell, Andy
Manson, Lynne Lake (68), Eugene Erasmus and Cecil Grobler (69).
Fri 4 th Aug: Thirty nine players teed off in nine 4-balls and one 3-ball in the usual Stableford
Alliance as a prelude to sitting down to the delicious annual traditional “Christmas in August”
luncheon at the RPAGC.
Three covies tied for first position on 93 points, namely (1) Arnie Schultz, David Groenewald, Guy
Cash and Heinz Czepluch, (2) Eric Segers, Adrian White, John Dell and Martin Slattery and (3)
John Ralph, Mike Beaumont, Gerald Churchley and Rosie Calmeyer-Leach.
Only 80 points were carded by Cliff Roberts, Bryan Connack, Andy Barnes and Brian Reid, the
lowest in the competition. However, they did not have the indignity of sharing the 18 th hole with the
dreaded Hamer en Sukkel trophy as results were announced in the dining room and not in the bar
area as usual.
John Ralph, John Dell and Martin Lambrechts all holed birdies on the par three 8 th and Phillip van
der Byl did likewise on the 6 th to win the 2-club kitty for his team which included a sizable carry-