KGB results Week ending 13 th September
Tuesday 10th September
Great weather conditions and some very good scoring even on the temporary greens and a turnout
of 30 players.
Plenty of good nets and overall scoring.
Winners on 93 points the covey of Martin Weaver, Gavin Richards, and John Abbott.
There were 3 coveys in second place on 88 points:
Peter Longhurst, Dale Wisener, Bob Shaw, Roger Kidson.
Jimmy van Rensburg, Fani Smit, Niel Lounder, Heinz Czeplech.
Andy Stembridge, Andy Manson, Nick Oosthuizen, Peter Reed.
The followingcovey did not expect to get the Hammer and Sukkel on 84 points
Mike McNamara, Martin Lamprecht, and Rose Calmaer-leach.
Best net for the day: Gavin Richards on 65.
Best gross carded by: Peter Longhurst on 82.
Two club pool won by: Bob Shaw with a birdie 2 on the 8th
Friday 13 th September
Conditions very different and only 20 players venturing out in the conditions.
Back on the scarified and sanded greens and scoring was back to normal.
Accolades taken by two coveys John Dell, Andy Manson, Andy Barnes, Paul Fryer and Ian Storer,as
well as Dale Wisener, Jimmy van Rensburg and Bob Shaw on 86 points.
The Hammer and Sukkel accolade was taken by Fanie Smit, Don Thompson, Martin Weaver and
Andy Stembridge on 76 points.
Best net for the day: Ian Storer 66
Best gross carded by: Bob Shaw 87
There were no 2 clubs and the pool will be carried over into next