Tue 9th July: A cold and windy Tuesday morning did not deter 39 players from registering for a 2-to
count Stableford alliance and being drawn into one 3-ball and nine 3-balls. This is an unprecedented
number of players for this time of the year and it seems the KGB continues to attract membership, no
doubt due to its gender friendly, fun and social nature whilst not losing its competitive edge in the field of
play. Winning (and certainly not coming last) is still important, but not life threatening.
On Tuesday morning it was the team of Jimmy van Rensburg, Andy Stembridge, Matt Chadwick and
Heinz Czepluch who won the day by carding 81 points, a relatively small score no doubt due to the

difficult conditions. Paul Fryer, Roger Kidson, Martin Weaver and John Muggeridge nailed the runners-
up slot with 78 points.

Finding conditions really bad were John Ralph, Len Bohnen, Brian Shirley and Graham Findlay who
could only scrape together a measly 65 points and consequentially gain the custody of the Hamer en
Sukkel trophy at the 19th
hole. There were no individual rounds of worthy mention, although on the negative side, the number of players
netting 80 or more constituted more than 25% of the field. Three players made par three birdies: Andy
Manson, Cliff Roberts and Chris Niebieszczanski all making their 2-club on the 11th.

Fri 12th July- A dark, grey overcast Friday morning with a few stiff breezes threatened rain. Nevertheless
34 players once again entered the 2-to-count Stableford alliance competition and were drawn into two 3-
balls and seven 4-balls. Light showers did appear mid morning but were insufficiently strong to threaten
play which was completed by all.
Two covies tied for top spot, namely (1) John Crandon, Russell Warren, Nick Oosthuizen and Andy
Manson and (2) Andy Stembridge, Arnie Schultz, Jenny Ralph and Dave Curran, both teams scoring 83
Not doing so well and consequently 19th hole recipients of the notorious Hamer en Sukkel trophy were the
3-ball of Philip van der Byl, Roger Kidson and Eugene Erasmus who struggled to card a lowly 71 + 5 =
76 points.
The best nett scores of the day were shot by Mike Beaumont, Nick Oosthuizen and Arnie Schultz who all
carded 70. Some compensation for the H and S recipients came by way of Eugene Erasmus holing the
only 2-clubs of the morning (6th and 8th) thereby picking up the available kitty for his covey.