Tue 31st Oct: Moderate easterly breezes just put an edge on an otherwise perfect morning for golf on Tuesday. Partial cloud cover protected the field from a hot sun for most of the proceedings. Thirty-eight players arrived for the 7.40 am draw and be divided into two 3-balls and eight 4-balls.

John Abbot shot a superb nett 63 to lead his covey of Bryan Robinson and Peter Longhurst to the winning spot sharing with Martin Weaver, Mike Stadler, Brian Shirley and Graham Findlay, both teams recording 96 points.

It wasn’t the same out there for John Crandon, Kevin Reid and Mike McNamara as the three-ball battled to put just 73 + 5 = 78 points on their card, an achievement that destined them to share the 19th hole with the much to be avoided Hamer en Sukkel trophy.

Colin Mavuso and Bryan Robinson both birdied the par three 13th for the only 2-clubs of the morning. Colin shot a well played 71. Good nett scores other than John Abbot’s were recorded by Graham Findlay, John Dell (66), Brian Shirley(67), Paul Fryer, Dave Curran (68) and Martin Weaver (69).


Fri 3rd Nov:  Some said it was the hardest the easterly winds had ever blown during a KGB competition. What is certain is that the hurricane like conditions were bending trees double and golfers the same. Despite this, thirty-eight players registered to play in the Friday morning 2-to-count Stableford alliance.

Scores were not good and it took a lowly 83 points to win the morning’s proceedings. Three covies carded this score, namely (1) Len Bohnen, Paul Fryer, Nic Oosthuizen and Graham Findlay, (2) Mark warren, Liz Mangham, George and Lynn Lake and (3) Colin Armstrong, Peter Reed, Eugene Erasmus and David Groenewald.

It wasn’t too difficult to win the dreaded Hamer en Sukkel trophy for the lowest score and Neil Loundar, John Muggeridge, Eric Segers and Brian Shirley accomplished exactly this.

There were no 2-clubs. The best nett scores were recorded by Graham Findlay, Jimmy van Rensburg, Andy Manson and Peter Reed, all carding 69.