Tue 17th April: Another good turnout of 34 players entered into the draw for Tuesday’s KGB 2-to-count
Stableford alliance in 3- and 4-balls.

Ninety five points won the competition the very scores shared by two covies namely (1) Tom Tagg, Peter
Reed, Martin Weaver and the fair Rosie Calmeyer-Leach and (2) Danny Tarpani, John Abbott, John Dell
and Eric Segers.
At the other end of the points log the much to be avoided Hamer en Sukkel trophy was also shared by (1)
Mark Warren, Gavin Richards, and John Muggeridge and (2) Martin Lambrechts, James Weisters, Dave
Curran and Paul Fryer. Both covies carded just 83 points.
Par three birdies were holed by James Weisters (8th), Neil Loundar (11th) and Richard Farndell (13th).
There were a number of better then average nett rounds, namely Barrie B Brady (65), Eric Segers and
Peter Reed (66), John Dell (67), Tom Tagg (68), James Weisters and Bob Shaw (69).
Fri 20th April: A fine morning’s weather saw 35 players turn out for the early morning draw into the
usual 2-to count Stableford alliance Mike Dobbs shot a useful nett 68 to lead his covey of Adrian White,

Tom Tagg and the fair Lynne Laketo victory with 93 points. Cliff Roberts, John Muggeridge,

Guy Cash and Brian Reid came home second
with 91 points. The dreaded Hamer en Sukkel trophy adorned he 19th hole table of Andy Barnes, Andy
Stembridge, Martin Lambrechts and Graham Findlay who only managed to card 79 points. John
Muggeridge eagled the par four 4th with a 2-club. Par three 2-clubs were holed by Steve Kennedy (6th) and Gavin Richards (8th).
The best nett rounds were shot by Steve Kennedy (65), Barrie Brady, Heinz Czepluch (67) Mike Dobbs
(68) and Brian Hayward (69).