Tue 8th June: A warm morning pervaded the course on Tuesday for the 32 players who turned out
for the early morning draw into three 3-balls and five 4-balls in a 2-to-count Stableford alliance.
Two covies tied for the winners position with 94 points namely (1) Bryan Robinson, Alistair
Kennedy, Mike Beaumont and David Groenewald and (2) Chris Niebieszczanski, Neil Loundar,
Cliff Roberts and Martin Lambrechts.
Not doing so well were Mark Warren, Arnie Schultz, Roger Kidson and Andy Manson who carded
the lowest score of the morning (79 points), qualifying them to share their 19 th hole table with the
much to be avoided Hamer en Sukkel trophy.
Graham Findlay alone holed a 2-club (11 th ) but there were several better than average nett scores
made by Ian Gatenby (64), Martin Lambrechts (65), Paul Fryer, Bryan Robinson, Alistair Kennedy,
David Groenewald, Chris Niebieszczanski, Martin Lambrechts and John Muggeridge (68).
Fri 15h June: Despite the fore cast of gale force westerly winds sweeping the course from tee-off
time, the debilitating gusts only made their appearance after 11.00 am. making judgment difficult
for the 30 players who registered for the 2-to-count Stableford alliance shortly after first light.
Nevertheless an excellent 93 points were carded by Paul Fryer, Phillip van der Byl, Andy Barnes
and Heinz Czepluch to win the morning’s proceedings. They were two points to the fore of runners-
up Mark Warren, John Abbott, Johny Johnston and Graham Findlay.
There were no par three birdies. Good nett scores were recorded by John Crandon (67), John
Abbott, Graham Findlay (68), Mike Beaumont and David Groenewald (69).
The dreaded Hamer en Sukkel trophy adorned the 19 th hole table of Chris Niebieszczanski, Arnie
Schultz, Brian Connack and Jimmy van Rensburg.
Graham Findlay was the only player to hole a par three birdie (11 th )