DresscodenoMembers and visitors are required to adhere to standards of dress both on the course and in the clubhouse. Our dress and etiquette code exists so that members and guests respect the values of other members of the club.

To a majority of members these values are very important. The following sets our dress code rules. Please observe them and inform guests of these really relaxed requirements as we do not wish to cause embarrassment to anybody. In today’s world of relaxed dress codes it has become increasingly difficult to apply a fixed dress rule and whilst we recognise that today’s dressis a lot more casual than before, we cannot allow any extremes in this regard.

• On the Golf Course: Only recognized golf attire will be permitted

• In Clubhouse: Members and guests are to be neatly dressed at all times. Management’s discretion remains final with the intention of ensuring a pleasant experience for all on the course and in the clubhouse. The wearing of tracksuits, beachwear and slip slops is not acceptable.


In terms of rule 6/8A(2) a player, may, at his own discretion, discontinue play

when he believes that he is in danger of lightning. Consequently in our opinion, no member of the committee nor employees  of the Club take responsibility for suspending play in the event of players being in danger from lightning.